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MONO MONTHLY / POLS 2021 AW Collection

POLS is a modern textile brand that came into creation in 2015 with a collaboration between textile designer Kanako Kajiwara, and the well-established dyeing and textile maker Maruman, which was founded in 1901. Maruman specialises in dyeing techniques in which the yarn is dyed before being woven, instead of afterwards.
With a wealth of experience and rich knowledge from their parent company’s century of working with textiles, POLS now want to embark on a new adventure. They aim to create new artistic works while communicating the beauty of accessible, modern textiles.



POLS wants to express the presence of the historic Banshu weaving into intricate three-dimensional textile. The jacquard weaving made from yarn-dyed in advance results in a vivid colored woven fabric that is both delicate and tough, traditional and modern. A jacquard weaving that only POLS can make. They want to show us a new world of textiles that makes us simply happy to wear them.


- NIHON ノ HESO の その先へ -
From the “belly-button” of Japan, and going further

After 2020, we are facing difficulties that changed the world.
Different from the future we envisioned.
The destination of a dream trip that cannot be reached, may be a world where there’s no time, no borders but a world where diversity exists like colorful geometric patterns.
Who knows, is it Asia, Europe, or Africa…?

The design of 2021 Autumn Winter collection is inspired by a trip to an imaginary place where different countries are fused. The textile is woven so that not only the pattern but also the selection of each thread and the woven structure reveal their warmth.
The feeling of tension loosening up.
We hope you feel that way when wearing the garments made by POLS.


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