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Postcard - Daruma
Postcard - Daruma
Postcard - Daruma

Postcard - Daruma

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Washi paper postcard with Daruma, a popular good-luck charm.

Daruma dolls: papier-mâché figures believed to lead their owners toward success. Darumas, shaped like Bodhidharma, are an important part of New Year celebrations in Japan, and a deep-rooted Japanese tradition. The doll is designed to get back up when it falls, embodying the essence of the famous Japanese proverb—fall down seven times and stand up eight. Thanks to this symbolism, the Daruma is commonly regarded in Japanese society as both a good-luck charm and a constant reminder of one’s goals.

Size: 100×148mm

Material: Paper 100% (Card: Echizen Washi / Grafic parts: Awa Washi)

Hand Made in Japan

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