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DEER HORN JEWELRY Black Stick Brooch
DEER HORN JEWELRY Black Stick Brooch
DEER HORN JEWELRY Black Stick Brooch
DEER HORN JEWELRY Black Stick Brooch

DEER HORN JEWELRY Black Stick Brooch

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A jewel-like glow on horns of deer—the messengers of the gods.

Ethical jewelry with the motif of deer horns - a blessing of nature. These pieces were born from Hanamoto’s encounter with a hunter in her hometown. Since ancient times in Japan all of nature is said to house the spirit of deities. The deer is one of them. Even today, deer are carefully protected as a ‘messenger of the gods’ at shrines. Wild deer are hunted with respect as a blessing for the gods of mountains. Through consultation with a local hunter Hanamoto attempted to create a design worthy of this revered spiritual animal. 

Deer horns fall out once a year. The material has an ivory-like texture and a luster that emerges when polished. Hanamoto felt the material had a powerful and delicate beauty and with it she breathed new life into her jewelry. She carefully cuts the deer horns while observing each piece one-by-one. Cutting the deer horn into unique geometric shapes, adorning it in gold and silver leaf, and creating shadows. The dyeing process imagined the natural beauty of Japan's four seasons as a model of beauty. And always with life and nature in mind. As ethical jewelry, it has become popular with a wide range of discerning women in Japan.

The antler for this brooch is finely polished like jewels. The white part is the original colour of the polished antler and 24 carat gold leaf is used for the golden colour. 

Color Black
Material deer horn, brass
Size 5 x 83 x 15mm
Made by Yukiko Hanamoto, Japan

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