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MA Ring with 3 pearls
MA Ring with 3 pearls
MA Ring with 3 pearls
MA Ring with 3 pearls
MA Ring with 3 pearls
MA Ring with 3 pearls

MA Ring with 3 pearls

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MA - Natural work reflected in pearls. Following a mysterious trajectory.

Ise -Shima is the peninsula in Mie Prefecture which first succeeded in pearl farming. The pearls of Ise-Shima are cultivated by craftsmen over many years and have become world-renowned for their beauty and quality. Pearls are imagined to be round in shape, but baroque pearls turn ‘imperfections’ into abundant natural beauty. Hanamoto learned about baroque pearls from people who cultivate pearls in Ago Bay, a famous production area for Akoya pearls.

All pearls made by the randomness of the sea are unique. Each grain matures into its own shining appearance as if following the mysterious trajectory of the sea. Hanamoto created original pearls following the advice of those with decades of pearl farming experience in Ago Bay. Thereby exploring the unique modeling beauty of baroque pearls.

The motif of these art pieces evokes light falling on the rich sea and the sparkling water surface of Ago Bay. The design is as playful and surprising as the baroque pearls themselves. The birth of pearl jewelry that wears the beauty of nature with the original brilliance of each grain.

Each baroque Akoya pearl for this ring is distinctively unique and none are the same in shape and form. Akoya pearls with a special shiny gloss are selected with care.

Color gold
Material AKOYA pearl, silver
Size 20 x 25 x 5mm
Made by Yukiko Hanamoto, Japan

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