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MJ staff made a mask of "Handmade mask kit"

Hello, all our fans and customers!

We'd like to share the experience of making mask from mask kit of Takarajima Senkou with you, so you know what to expect, and perhaps you can see when you make it by yourself.

guidebook how to make mask by Takarajima Senkou

In the kit, you will find this small booklet. Unfortunately, this is in Japanese. But, don't worry, you find the translation from us in the package.

MJ shop team, Monoko, she selected type F, a beautiful brown jacquard cotton fabric, which is dyed by mud.

Handmade mask kit 1

contents mask kit

As the booklet, the first step is to put the outer and inner fabrics like the picture below. There is a sticker on the backside of the outer fabric, put that first and out the inner gauze on the center of the outer fabric.

Then you have the distance of these two fabrics like below.

Space above and below between outer and inner: 1.5cm
Space left and right between outer and inner: 2.5cm

In the booklet, it's the step 1. Please check the illustration.

mask kit step 1

Folding the edge above like below, and one more time. So that the edge of the fabric is folded inside, like the illustration 2 in the booklet.

mask kit step 2

Monoko folded above and below the outer fabric and put some pins like the picture below, like the illustration 3.

mask kit 3

And she started sewing by hand, without using a sewing machine.

The picture below will be inside of the mask, it's better to pay attention not to show the thread outside of the outer fabric when you sew.

mask kit 4

MONOKO is not really good at working with hand and making things, but it will be inside, no one sees the inside, so it's easy! And it's quite relaxing to work with hand.

Like the picture below, MONOKO sewed above, and the same below.

mask kit step 5

After finish sewing above and below edges, we'll need to the sides.

We need to make some foldings in order to make a bit of 3D form. This is the step 4 in the booklet. As the illustration, you can make this foldings at the center of the hight of the mask.

mask kit 6

And folding both edges like the picture below. Please check the illustration 5 for sizes. Inside these folding parts, you will pass the ear string, so it's better sewing the starting and ending parts tight.

mask kit 7

After sewing both sides, it looks like this below.

mask kit 8

All the sewing is now finished! We have to put the ear strings. MONOKO finds the tip to use the hairpin for passing the string through the side part.

 mask kit 9

It's becoming like this below.

mask kit 10

MONOKO successfully finished putting the strings on both sides.

Please check the illustration 6 in the booklet for making knots. This is the knot for a necktie, so that you can adjust the length of the ear part, as you like.

mask kit 11

You can cut unnecessary part of the ear strings. 

mask kit 12

You can put the knot inside the fabric. 

I hope that you can make it without difficulty and enjoy the beauty of the fabric!

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