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Special Exhibition of Utsuwa-Shoken's Selection in October


Japanese Ceramic Artists 

An Exhibition of 
Utsuwa-Shoken's Selection 

5 - 27 October 2018 in Amsterdam

Opening: 4 October from 18:30
Everybody is welcome without invitation & reservation

MONO JAPAN is happy to announce a special sales exhibition in collaboration with the famous ceramics gallery Utsuwa-Shoken, from Kamakura (Japan).

Gallery Utsuwa-Shoken brings to Amsterdam representative work of eight potters: Shingo Arakawa, Atsushi Ogata, Teppei Ono, Nobuhiko Oyama, Shimao Kiso, Michikazu Sakai, Toru Hatta and Shigeyoshi Morioka.

The sales exhibition will take place between October 4-27, 2018. On show will be utsuwa, all kinds of stoneware vessels to serve our food.

Opening: 4th October, 18:30 - 20:30
Period of exhibition: 5 - 27th October 2018
Opening time: Tuesday to Saturday from 10:00 till 18:00 (except 4th October because of the opening)
Location: Japan Cultural Exchange (1 floor above 't Japanse Winkeltje)
Address: Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 177-1, Amsterdam
Contact: / 06 3831 7250
More info: Check MONO JAPAN website!

*This is not organized by 't Japanse Winkeltje, please do not contact them about this exhibition.


is a gallery in the old Japanese city of Kamakura, close to Tokyo. The owner, Tomoo Shoken, is renowned for her outstanding selection of utsuwa which she displays at her own gallery, or at museums and other specialty galleries. Her exhibitions attract pottery lovers from all over Japan who come from afar to see her curated shows. She is also the author of numerous books on utsuwa.

Website of Utsuwa-Shoken

Photography of utsuwa by Shinji Otani

Shinji Otani was born in the ceramic city of Shigaraki where he learned the art of pottery.  Now he lives in The Netherlands as a professional photographer. In his work, he combines the fine and thorough technics typical for Japanese artists with the eye of modern European photo art. He translates his deep understanding of the beauty of handmade utsuwa pottery in a modern European photo style. His sensitive photo series 'Orbit' is a grand homage to the utsuwa exhibited here in Amsterdam.

Website of Shinji Otani

Special Event on October 19, 2018: 
Utsuwa Talk and Dinner

Japanese food culture and utsuwa complement each other. Forms are chosen to fit the cuisine, where the bowl and the hand that holds it form a unity. Where the natural flavors of food harmonize with the simple form of a utensil made out of earth and fire. Where the esthetics of the food-vessel balance brings happiness to our daily meals.

The utsuwa on show at the exhibition are objects for daily use. We at MONO JAPAN hope that you will enjoy the sober elegance of utsuwa.

To give you a try we organize together with Marika Groen from the Malicafe Organic Vegan Food Amsterdam a dinner evening to taste Japanese food served in their befitting utsuwa. The evening will be completed with a talk by a Dutch specialist on utsuwa.

Visit the event page

Website of Malicafe Organic Vegan Food Amsterdam

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