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History of TOKONAME pottery

Tokoname, the town of pottery is located on the west coast of “Chita peninsula” in Aichi prefecture, Japan. A town blessed with an ideal hillside landscape for climbing kiln, high quality clay and coastline for transportation, boasts the reputation of being one of the oldest and largest pottery towns in Japan alongside the other Japanese kiln centers, “Seto”, “Echizen”, Shigaraki”, “Tanba” and Bizen”.
For more than 900 years Tokoname pottery has made daily ware, tea utensils, clay pipes, tiles, sanitary ware and so on. Today Tokoname, the town of pottery is still in lively productive spirit, clearly the result of effort by all those involved.


The new TOKONAME brand

“TOKONAME” is a renewing form of pottery, beautiful and high quality handmade products suitable for day to day use.
We have perfected the production process by using a plaster cast to ensure a stable production process, while maintaining the traditional handmade processes around it.
“TOKONAME” is a form of bisque pottery made using fire at high temperature so that the clay surface experiences fine texture without any glazing. We craft “TOKONAME” with newly blended white “Haku-dei” clay mixed with pigments to realize a variety of colors.

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