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Online pre-order event MONO MONTHLY

Next MONO MONTHLY with Malica Ferments & Yamamo Brewery from 10th till 24th November 2021



From January 2021, MONO JAPAN will launch a new opportunity to connect you to the Japanese craftsmanship and design through a new online event, MONO MONTHLY, which will be held online every month.

The MONO MONTHLY event is held virtually, making it possible to introduce you to the carefully curated selection of high-quality Japanese products and makers even during this pandemic. 

Sustainable Japanese products to the world

This is an online pre-order event where you can order selected Japanese products recommended by the manufacturer themselves at our special website. We are creating a sustainable system that prevents surplus production and unsold products because each production takes place only after receiving an order and payment, and are shipped to the Netherlands. The delivery time is estimated to take about 3months after the pre-order.

Know more about the stories behind the product

MONO JAPAN introduces one specific manufacturer every month during this pre-order online event. Unlike a large exhibition where many manufacturers gather, we are creating an opportunity to highlight one special maker.


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