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Mikawa Syojin Shiro Dashi (vegan)

Mikawa Syojin Shiro Dashi (vegan)

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    Mikawa Syojin Shiro Dashi (vegan)

    Nitto Brewery's Mikawa Shojin Shiro Dashi is made from Mikawa Shirotamari.

    Mikawa Shirotamari is a type of white soy sauce that contains no soya beans. It is a must-have fermented brewed seasoning with a perfect balance of the elegant bright colour of soy sauce, the sweetness of the wheat koji used twice as much in abundance, and the gentle flavour brought out by fermentation and maturation.

    Using plant-derived ingredients in this Mikawa Shirotamari, the natural sweetness and umami of the ingredients are utilised to create this vegan white dashi, which does not rely on yeast extract, vegetable extract or sugar. 

    All plant-based ingredients used are domestically produced:

    • Asuke-brewed Mikawa Shirotamari
    • Dried shiitake mushrooms from Kyushu
    • Dried Japanese daikon radish
    • Hokkaido kelp
    • Sanshu Mikawa Mirin

    In fact, more ingredients are added for adjustment and to improve shelf-life, but Nitto has perfected its attention to detail here as well:

    • Izu Oshima's traditional sea salt Umi no Sei (for salt adjustment).
    • Rice vinegar from Shobun-su in Fukuoka (to improve shelf life).
    • Rice shochu from Sumiya Bunjiro Shoten in Hekinan (to improve preservation).

    The first five ingredients are the basis of the flavour, the other three are for adjustment.

    This vegan dashi stock is a great all-round seasoning for soba-tsuyu (soba sauce), stir-fries, simmered dishes, soups and everything in between. 

    Using this in the kitchen makes everything taste like ryotei restaurant. It's perfect not only for Japanese cuisine, but also for adding a little Japanese flavour to pasta, salads and Western dishes.

    Brand  Nitto Jozo
    Amount (NET)  400 ml
    Weight  681g
    Ingredients  Wheat, salt, shochu, Mirin, dried daikon, kombu, Shiitake, vinegar
    For more details, see the details of ingredients & nutritions

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    MONO マンスリーのHara farm’s 100% Organic Buckwheat Soba feat. Nitto’s Vegan Shiro Dashiご購入前にお読みください。

    • 限定予約販売:Hara farm’s 100% Organic Buckwheat Soba feat. Nitto’s Vegan Shiro Dashiは2022年4月13日〜5月11日までの開催ですが、限定数の販売となり、限定数が完売した時点で受注は終了いたします。お早めにお求めください。

    • お届け日:商品は5月初旬にお届けの予定です。

    • 配送料:MONO マンスリーのHara farm’s 100% Organic Buckwheat Soba feat. Nitto’s Vegan Shiro Dashi商品の送料はこちらをご覧ください。

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      • 足助仕込三河しろたまり
      • 九州産干し椎茸
      • 国産切干大根
      • 北海道産真昆布
      • 三州三河みりん


      • 食塩は海の精(塩分調整用)
      • 醸造酢は福岡の庄分酢さんの米酢(保存性向上目的)
      • 焼酎は碧南の角谷文次郎商店さんの米焼酎(保存性向上目的)




      生産者 日東醸造

      内容量 400 ml

      重量(NET) 681g

      原材料 小麦醸造調味料(国内生産)、食塩、みりん、椎茸、切干大根、昆布、醸造酢、焼酎

      食品成分表時はこちらをご覧ください(英語)。 details of ingredients & nutritions


      Mono Monthly collaboration x Malica ferments
      This is a Mono Monthly collaboration edition with Marika Groen from Malica ferments, a Japanese fermentation specialist based in Amsterdam. Under the topic  "HARA FARM’S 100% ORGANIC BUCKWHEAT SOBA FEAT. NITTO’S VEGAN SHIRO DASHI", Mono Japan introduces Marika’s special selection of organic buckwheat soba and vegan shiro dashi.

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