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UCHIWA Japanese Fan - Willow with frog

UCHIWA Japanese Fan - Willow with frog

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The frog, repeatedly attempting to leap onto the branches of a willow tree hanging over the pond. In Japan, these frogs are commonly found near riversides, ponds, and other water bodies. Along the Shirakawa River in Kyoto, willow trees are well-known attractions.

This uchiwa fan is crafted using the 'Sashie' technique, where the handle is inserted into the 'uchiwa' face that creates a refreshing breeze. It features various colors of Washi paper, depicting Japanese landscapes. Perfect as a companion for summer festivals or as a decorative item.


Size 310×187mm

Material Paper (Mino Washi, Awa Washi), Bamboo

Handmade in Japan

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