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UCHIWA Japanese Fan - Umibozu

UCHIWA Japanese Fan - Umibozu

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Sea monster. At night, it emerges from the turbulent sea with its pitch-black body, sinking ships and dragging people into the ocean. Depending on the region, it is said to appear at the end of the month, during the Bon festival, or on New Year's Eve. It was believed that to prepare for any eventuality, it was good to burn tobacco smoke, which sea monks dislike.

This uchiwa fan is crafted using the 'Sashie' technique, where the handle is inserted into the 'uchiwa' face that creates a refreshing breeze. It features various colors of Washi paper that blend into the darkness, depicting Japanese ghosts. Gold paper is used for the eyes, giving them a gleaming appearance. Perfect as a companion for summer festivals or as a decorative item.


Size 310×187mm

Material Paper (Echizen Washi, Awa Washi), Bamboo

Handmade in Japan

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