Kitchen Scissors + MJ tea towel

Kitchen Scissors + MJ tea towel

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Seasonal gift package with multi-purpose kitchen scissors from Banshu Hamono and MJ tea towel, which is created at the time of MONO JAPAN 2018.


Brand  Banshu Hamono

Material  Stainless steel

Size  length 205 x width 65 mm

Weight  160 gram

Include  Box, Banshu Ori (Banshu weaving) cloth

Made in Hyogo, Japan

Multi purpose kitchen scissors: Cutting food (for example deep freeze meat approx. 2 cm, crab, fish or chicken joint), bottle opener, jar opener, nutcracker and two screwdriver tips. 

Hand washing and drying is recommended.

High quality stainless steel scissors are made with one piece construction for durability, with the blades, tangs and handles cast in one piece. Loop handles are of equal size and shape for right or left handed use.  They also feature an adjustable pivot joint that separates at 95 degrees for thorough cleaning and sharpening.

For the maintenance or sharpening information:


Designer Christien Meindertsma

Maker Ae Handkerchief

Material organic cotton 100%

Size length 60cm x width 50cm

Made in Hyogo, Japan

About the products
This tea towel is created at the time of MONO JAPAN 2018, as the first collaboration item by MONO JAPAN between the Dutch creator and the Japanese maker. And it is the first product of MONO JAPAN brand! The design of the pattern is created by Christien Meindertsma. She was very much in control of the production, to not to make any waste and making it as organic as possible. Ae Handkerchief realized the products with high quality, it shines like the silk scarf and the towel absorbs the water very good, and it dries fast.