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NODATE rockin' mug
NODATE rockin' mug
NODATE rockin' mug
NODATE rockin' mug

NODATE rockin' mug

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NODATE is a new lacquerware brand with the concept of “casual lacquerware for outdoor play and everyday use.” The rockin' series is made without a base and has a round bottom that sways. These wooden mugs have low thermal conductivity and is excellent in heat insulation. The heat is not easily transferred to your hands so you can use it for very hot or cold drinks which makes it very easy to use. And above all, it's very lightweight! Each mug is carefully made by hand by skilled Aizu lacquerware craftsmen.

Brand  NODATE 
Colour  Sumi black, Red scarlet, Urushi brown / 3 colour variations are available
Material  Tochi (Japanese horse-chestnut) wood, Hon urushi lacquer, Deer leather
Size  Φ80 × H 87mm
Capacity  240ml

Weight  71g

Made in Aizu Wakamatsu, Japan
Expected delivery End February (approx. one month after the final date of this Mono Monthly). Please note that the expected delivery time is longer as most items are handmade after your pre-order.
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