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Silk eye mask
Silk eye mask
Silk eye mask
Silk eye mask
Silk eye mask
Silk eye mask
Silk eye mask
Silk eye mask

Silk eye mask

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Silk has a moisture regulating capacity. In a dry environment, silk will moisturize your skin. In a humid environment, it absorbs humidity. This eye mask makes you repose nicely because the soft texture of the silk mask helps you to relax. Your body temperature will find its balance. And your tired eyes after long hours behind the computer screen in your home office will find solace.

This silk eye mask can be used for relaxation as well as a sleeping mask.
Wearing a silk mask or eye mask for a long time contributes to a healthy skin. In Japan, eye masks are also used for relaxation purposes. It can help relieve the eye strain caused by long term use of computers and smartphones.

Colour  Off-white *unbleached
Material  Cotton 69%, Silk 31% (outside), Silk 100% (inside), Cotton 87%, Silk 13% (Headband Outside), Organic cotton quilt 100% (Filling)
Size  9.5 × 20.5 × 1 cm,  35 cm (total length)
Weight  10g
Made in  Toyama, Japan
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