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About BP.

BP. take mass-produced components and creatively put them to use in a different way than the manufacturer intended.
By giving a new form for these once mundane objects, BP. creates a new aesthetic for them and offers a different, valuable perspective on the ordinary objects that surround us. With this, BP. hope to introduce new inspiration and the joy of DIY to people. 

About the products

The concept for these products, which are objects and tools mostly made of metal, are created with consideration for their history and the way in which they were manufactured. 
At a glance, they look like simple forms and shapes, but with a little twist, they become interesting: a folded coat hanger that is given a new purpose, or a kitchen clip that can also serve as a tube squeezer. In this way, familiar objects are given new value. 

BP. will be exhibiting a selection of such products that offer new discoveries and surprises.

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