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“The map to a new future starts here”

Trunk Design began in the small serene city near the ocean called Tarumi in the Kobe Hyogo prefecture.

“To be a design studio that is intimate to both the city and the people”

The glass-walled office and store were created from the desire to peaceably blend into the surroundings as a small city store.

It is now a space where anyone - whether it be a mother with a child or an elderly who lives in the neighborhood - can stop by just to have some small talk.

Here we seek to create designs that can help better the world ever so slightly by spending time together with people while being intimately surrounded by small letterpress printing machines, old books, and goods we’ve carefully selected ourselves.

Their designs strive to shed a new light on the wonderful products, techniques, and services that are hidden around us in plain view. They reinvent its charms to deliver it to the people in need of a happy setting: much like creating a map for a new future.

Incense "KU" - An innovative form of smell that paints the air

Ku is a washi (Japanese paper) that releases fragrance without the need to be burned. Designed collaboratively by the incense masters in Awaji Island, Ku has been created by delicately mixing the natural perfumes within the paper and then spreading it out in a thin layer to dry. Now you can enjoy the Japanese culture of "soradaki": the pleasure of enjoying a faint distant bouquet that floats between spaces.

Whether it be on the walls designing the space you are in, or included within letters to loved ones so as to share delightful scents, or to simply enjoy the surroundings by burning a subtly sophisticated incense, Ku becomes an essential soothing part of your daily life.

Incense "Daily" - A Standard for Daily Uses

Items are loved for centuries when they are created under the concept of “use”, whether that be part of your everyday life or indeed just cultural.

This is exactly why we have redesigned standard everyday items into products that are both easier and simple to use in sizes and portions, with designs that you want to keep beside you at all times.

We recreate what already exists into something better.

Enjoy your “Daily” with something simple, yet timeless.

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