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Daily / Incense / Assortment of 3 types
Daily / Incense / Assortment of 3 types

Daily / Incense / Assortment of 3 types

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A Standard for Daily Uses

Items are loved for centuries when they are created under the concept of “use”, whether that be part of your everyday life or indeed just cultural.

This is exactly why we have redesigned standard everyday items into products that are both easier and simple to use in sizes and portions, with designs that you want to keep beside you at all times.

We recreate what already exists into something better.

Enjoy your “Daily” with something simple, yet timeless.

Delicate handiwork to get closer to our ideals

The main ingredient for incense is ‘tabu powder’, from the powdered bark of the Machillus Thunbergii tree (‘tabu no ki’), which has adhesive properties and burns slowly. The powder is kneaded with water to make clay, then blended with fragrant wood for the aroma, and dye is added for color.

IncenseE Assortment of 3 types

An assortment box where you can enjoy various scents with a small amount. Weaving standard scents and herbal scents, we set four themes, "Sweetness," "Relax," "Calm," and "Happiness," to suit your mood and scene. It is also recommended for those who are starting incense and as a gift.


  • Sweetness (Tea tree, Ylang ylang, Gardenia)
  • Relax (Lavender, Geranium, Japanese cypress) /Calm (Sandalwood, Lavender, Sage)
  • Happiness (Gardenia, Camellia, Casablanca)

Package size: H 5.4 x W 14.6 x D 1.5(cm)

Content: 10 pcs. x 3 types of scent per box

Burning time: 30 minutes per incense

Made in Hyogo, Japan

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