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Shirotamari (100% wheat shiro shoyu)
Shirotamari (100% wheat shiro shoyu)
Shirotamari (100% wheat shiro shoyu)
Shirotamari (100% wheat shiro shoyu)
Shirotamari (100% wheat shiro shoyu)
Shirotamari (100% wheat shiro shoyu)

Shirotamari (100% wheat shiro shoyu)

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Shirotamari (vegan)

Brand  Nitto Jozo
Amount (NET)  300 ml
Weight  580g
Ingredients  Wheat, sea salt, shochu, koji
For more details, see the details of ingredients & nutritions

Stories about the products

Shirotamari from Nitto Brewery

Obsessed to find the ultimate flavor. 100% wheat shiro shoyu—white soy sauce


The raw materials are wheat from Aichi, Izu Oshima's traditional sea salt Umi no Sei and spring water from Asuke, Okumikawa. What's more, the soy sauce is brewed in the fresh air in the mountain at 720 meters high above the sea level. There are just too many great anecdotes when talking about Nitto Brewery's Mikawa Shirotamari. Nitto Brewery can probably write a book about it with some chapter titles like "reviewing raw materials", "traditional salt farm", "quest to find the best well water on the mountain", "using double amounts of wheat koji to enhance Umami" etc. Let me share those stories with you in coming SNS posts on MONO JAPAN's social media in May and also in our live event.

Tamari is widely recognized as gluten-free soy sauce by many, and is becoming more and more available in many countries outside Japan. Nitto’s main brew house sits in Hekinan city, Aichi where this tamari has been the standard soy sauce in food culture, just like in the south of Gifu and east Mie prefecture for a long time. Tamari was originally the liquid that collects in the barrel of bean miso, the very dark liquid brewed from soy bean koji and salt. On the other hand, shirotamari (white soy sauce) was the liquid collects in the barrel of Kinzanji miso. It had a light amber color in contrast but was as rich in Umami as dark color soy sauce. It became popular to professional chefs as a special condiment in their kitchen about 200 years ago.

Nitto's Mikawa Shirotamari has its root in this white soy sauce that those chefs couldn't miss to make ingredients in dishes stand out. Both the light and dark color tamari were essential in their cooking.

Mikawa Shirotamari can be enjoyed in many ways. For example as dashi soy sauce in soup for Udon noodles, Osui-mono, Takikomi gohan (seasoned rice with vegetables) as well as flavoring egg dishes and natto. It easily emulsifies with oil, so it's perfect for quick dressing or pasta dish as well. It also goes well with vinegar, and cooking with summer vegetables and meat, fish or tofu would also be nice. The salt content is slightly high, allowing the slow fermentation, but the taste is totally mellow thanks to the double amount of wheat koji that adds the sweetness and round up the saltiness. It's the result of hunting the ultimate flavor in white soy sauce that Nitto Brewery never gave up. The wheat, water, salt, air, location and people are what Nitto cared for this product. Enjoy this precious bottle of drips collected on the top of the mountain.



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Malica ferments

This is a Mono Monthly collaboration edition with Marika Groen from Malica ferments, a Japanese fermentation specialist based in Amsterdam. Under the topic “WHITE MISO & TAMARI presented by Malica ferments”, Mono Japan introduces Marika’s special selection of wheat soy sauce and barley miso.

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