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Recipes with Viamver salt & vegetable salt from Malica Ferments


Viamver salt

Are you familiar with the word “Viamver” by now? 😉

These are two types of salt made with this Viamver® yeast.

One is a sun-dried salt made from the fermented liquid of Viamver® yeast. The other is a Western-style sun-dried salt made from the juice of carrots, onions and celery, combined with Viamver® yeast. Both salts have a fine, light texture and are very pleasant to the eye.

As soon as you open the lid of the bottle, the plain salt gives off a honeyed acacia scent with a hint of broth. If you lick the salt alone, the flavour will slowly penetrate the back of your mouth and linger.

It can be drizzled over deep-fried dishes such as tempura, or even over desserts such as ice cream. I often bake sourdough bread, so I enjoyed this salt with cold press olive oil today.

Viamver® vegetable salt has a deeper bouillon like taste. It also has a beautiful vegetable-derived orange colour. It can be used as a finishing touch, but today I used it in a soup with just cabbage.

To simply taste the salt, I didn't add any other ingredients, but I think it would also be delicious with potatoes, carrots or pork.

Today, I browned the chopped cabbage in hot oil over a high heat just to brown it, then I sprinkled some Viamver salt on it, put the lid on the pan and let it sit on a low heat for about 30 minutes until the cabbage is soft, the back of the lid is sweating and it smells good. This will slowly bring out the sweetness of the vegetables. When the cabbage is tender, open the lid (at this point you will notice the distinctive aroma from Viamver vegetable salt), add water, bring to the boil again, return to medium heat, taste and add more Viamver vegetable salt if necessary. 10 minutes on medium-low heat and it's ready. The combination of the umami from the seafood (succinic acid) and the umami from the vegetables has a synergistic effect.

Two different types of salt from the same Viamver® yeast. Curious? You can still pre-order from the link below.

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