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Recipe with Yamamo Miso & Shirodashi from Malica Ferments


By now you know we have two series of Yamamo products: traditional and innovative ones.

Today I introduce the first series, the traditional miso and shirodashi and how to enjoy them at home. Since it is almost the end of 2021 and I'm sure you're all very busy right now, and I don't have much time to cook elaborate dishes myself either. That's why I wanted to buy these two products.

Yamamo miso contains twice as much rice koji as normal miso, and the salinity is reduced from the standard 13% to 9%. This makes it quite mellow and enhances the umami from locally grown soybeans.

We brought this miso to a chef in Amsterdam and he said he could eat it all by itself...

For you, I’m introducing a simple miso-tahini dip today. All you have to do is mix equal parts miso, olive oil and tahini. This with grilled root vegetables such as turnips and topinambur make a great snack for a party. When I served it to my husband today, he asked me three times if he could have another one 😉

Shirodashi, is a concentrated soup base. It’s aromatic and adds an extra dimension to flavour if you just add a little to your dish. Shirodashi is one of the seasonings that I wish I could always keep it in my kitchen. It's also a great way to upgrade your dish with no effort.

The first thing I want you to try with this, is a simple “kakitama” soup. Kakitama soup is a clear soup with eggs (and sometimes vegetables). To make this, just boil 400ml of water and add 2 tablespoons of white soup stock. Pour in the beaten egg while the soup is still cooking and turn off the fire as soon as the egg starts to foam a ribbon like structure. Optionally, sprinkle with your favourite herbs. You can also add tofu, or make this soup a little thicker and enjoy it with udon noodle for example. It also goes well with shiitake mushrooms, so you can simply fry the mushroom in oil and season it with this shirodashi and mix with pasta. It really can be used for anything. (That’s why I like it).

At the end of this busy year, this is perfect for those who want to enjoy a special taste with absolutely no time and effort. Try Yamamo’s shirodashi and your winter is then complete.

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