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失 Soba noodle with vegan white dashi tororo sauce 失

失 Soba noodle with vegan white dashi tororo sauce 失

Therecipe is for nama soba (semi-dry noodle) from Hara Farm, served with Nitto Brewery's vegan Shojin Shirodashi. The recipe can also be applied to dried noodles. Please refer to the postfor how to boil each noodle.

To prevent the noodles from becoming too soft, remove them from the water immediately after boiling and rinse them in cold water before serving.


  • Hara Farm's juwari soba noodles (dry or semi-dry)
  • About 15 cm of yam (nagaimo potato)
  • 2 tbsp Mikawa Shojin Shirodashi
  • Wasabi (as much as you like)
  • Finely chopped spring onion or seaweed for topping


  1. Finely chop fine spring onions.
  2. Grate the yam/nagaimo and mix with the wasabi and Shojin Shirodashi to make tororo sauce.

  3. Boil a large pot of water and gently drop in the soba noodles. The dried noodles will take 5 minutes to boil and the semi-dry noodles will take 2 minutes. For detailed boiling instructions, please refer to the previous post. *Nama soba (semi-dry noodles) are very easy to break, so boil them very gently!

  4. When the soba noodles are boiled, prepare another pot to reserve the boiling water (sobayu), and drain the noodles into a colander and keep sobayu. Put the noodles in a separate bowl, and immediately rinse them in cold water, changing the water several times to remove any sliminess. Drain well.

  5. Serve the noodles on a plate (or a bamboo colander if you have). Enjoy with tororo sauce. Sobayu made from nama soba is a little lighter than that made from dried soba, but it is delicious if you season with the extra salt or Shojin Shirodashi to give it a little more depth of flavour and make it into a soup with vegetables and other ingredients.

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