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Gift for family and friends

Selection of great gifts for the people you care about.

Now, the gift service is available, you can choose the wrapping paper and send us the message. We'll wrap your gift nicely and attach the card and send it to the person you want! Please check the GIFT SERVICE page to select the style you want.

Small but funny gifts

1. Patches of KYO-TO-TO

It's a very special gift, for sure! You can send the patches of some Sushi patches to your friend who's crazy about Sushi, for example. Check KYO-TO-TO page to see more patches!

2. Memo blocks of Peparable

Cats and dogs, flowers, fruits, memo blocks of Peparable are the best tools for warm communication with special care. Like, using the fruits memo for one your care of their health, and using a memo of a pug, who lives with a pug, for example. 

Gifts for ceramic lovers

We have a good selection of ceramic ware! There are some books of Utsuwa Shoken available too. Check these collections too!



Utsuwa Shoken

For people who love to be in the kitchen

Apart from the ceramics, we have some kitchen items.

1. Tsubouchi Towel

They are one of the towel company in Imabari, where is the best production area of towels in Japan. Tsubouchi Towel produces high-quality towels with good design. These "kitchen" series are in two colors with the pattern of kitchen tools.

2. Kitchen Scissors 

Not many people use scissors for cookings, but it's extremely handy! Banshu Hamono's multi-purpose kitchen scissors are for cutting food, for example, deep freeze meat (approx. 2 cm), crab, fish or chicken joint.  It can be used as a bottle opener, jar opener, nutcracker and two screwdriver tips. 

Cheerful socks

We have two socks brands, K I M U R A ` and Nishiguchi Kutsushita. We have also a collection of Tabi socks from KYO-TO-TO with playful Japanese patterns! 

Check our sock collection!

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