KYO-TO-TO Embroidery creations. From Kyoto via Tokyo - to the World.

KYO-TO-TO is an embroidery brand that blends tradition and modernity. Hence the name, which blends ‘Kyoto’, the former Japanese capital that represents the country’s traditional side, and ‘Tokyo’, a city that represents cutting-edge modernity. Motivated by a desire to find new ways of passing on traditional culture while exploring the possibilities of embroidery, KYO-TO-TO design various embroidery products that communicate funny, fascinating and quirky elements of Japanese culture to the rest of the world.

About the products

From the clutch bag that they made to celebrate their 10 year anniversary, to their well-known patches, KYO-TO-TO will be exhibiting pieces that express diverse elements of Japanese culture through colourful embroidery.

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