Utsuwa Shoken's selection

MONO JAPAN is organizing a special sales exhibition in collaboration with the famous ceramics gallery Utsuwa-Shoken, from Kamakura (Japan). 

The sales exhibition will take place between October 5-27, 2018. On show will be utsuwa, all kinds of stoneware vessels to serve our food.

Gallery Utsuwa-Shoken brings to Amsterdam representative work of eight potters: Shingo Arakawa, Atsushi Ogata, Teppei Ono, Nobuhiko Oyama, Shimao Kiso, Michikazu Sakai, Toru Hatta and Shigeyoshi Morioka.

By MONO JAPAN Online shop, you can purchase some of them online.

Please note: The delivery will be after the exhibition. We'll make the shipment from 29th October 2018.

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