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Recipe with Viamver Soy Sauce from Malica Ferments


Recipe with Viamver Soy Sauce from Malica Ferments

I hope you've been enjoying our MONO MONTHLY YAMAMO as much as I do. Today I'm introducing Viamver Soy Sauce from Yamamo's ASTRONOMICA label.

This soy sauce is brewed with the same Viamver® yeast that was used to make the test miso I tried two years ago at Yamamo's brewery. What I remembered was the aroma. I still remember my astonishment when I opened the miso barrel and was greeted by the aroma of ginjo. Two year later, I now have this sample bottle in my hands and admire the aroma and the flavour with eyes closed. Elegant and gentle, with no bitterness or acridity. And so is the taste.

Soft in the mouth, without bitterness or saltiness, it is already delicious on its own. It is a koikuchi soy sauce, and one that could be used to replace salt or lemon. It is sweet and full of umami, with taking the best benefit out of Viamver® yeast. We brought this to a chef in Amsterdam last week, and he took a lick of it and his eyes lit up, his eyebrows raised, he groaned and he ended up laughing at how good it was. That says a lot. You can use it on seafood, in marinades, dressings, you name it, you'll see the difference.

Today, I made a simple scallop ceviche. Just some alfalfa on a bed of rucola from the garden, chopped red onion (tossed with a little Viamver salt), spooned out golden kiwi and fresh scallops, dressed with a little rapeseed oil and Viamver Soy Sauce. I would have added lemon, but the kiwi had enough acidity, so it's up to you, depending on the condition of the ingredients. You can also sprinkle a little shichimi pepper on top, or add a little Viamver Hot Sauce. Such a simple dish by cutting and mixing the ingredients, and it tastes like a dish from a top restaurant.

Recipe with Viamver Soy Sauce from Malica Ferments2

I think it's a type of soy sauce that is hard to find, both in and outside Japan. This is a great opportunity to try it. It will be a surprise, and I promise that it will be a happy one.

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Recipe with Viamver Soy Sauce from Malica Ferments3

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