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Milky Moon A (right)
Milky Moon A
Milky Moon B
Milky Moon B
Milky Moon B
Milky Moon C
Milky Moon C
Milky Moon C
Milky Moon D
Milky Moon D
Milky Moon D

Pearl pierce earring / Milky Moon

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Each and every Akoya pearl which is newly born from the sea reflect a different scenery on its shiny circled surfaces.

The scenery is mirrored in each different color of the pearls. The pearls may have the same appearances but they are all different after all and possesses their own individual beauty.

Even when we see the same things at the same time, each one of us has different thoughts and perspectives. They are like waves that sway with different colors in one's heart.

About the color "Milky Moon"

A milky-white color that is like a dewdrop. The base color of this Acoya pearl’s surface is white covered with a light touch of pinkish iridescence.

*This item is sold as a piece.

Brand acoya

Material Akoya pearl, K10

Size 0.9 - 1 cm

Made in Japan


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