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UCHIWA Japanese Fan - Swallows

UCHIWA Japanese Fan - Swallows

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Sparrows continue their journey from summer to winter, traveling with the seasons. In Japan, they build their nests under the eaves of houses at the beginning of summer and raise their young. When you start to see the parent and child flying together, it's a sign that it's time for them to leave on their journey. They are known as the friendly birds that come to bid farewell to the homeowner.

This uchiwa fan is crafted using the 'Sashie' technique, where the handle is inserted into the 'uchiwa' face that creates a refreshing breeze. It features colorful decoupage depicting scenes of Japan on Washi paper. Perfect as a companion for summer festivals or as a decorative item.


Size 310×187mm

Material Paper (Mino Washi, Awa Washi), Bamboo

Handmade in Japan

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