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ūü•Ę Ways to enjoy sobayu (broth from boiling soba noodles) ūü•Ę

ūü•Ę Ways to enjoy sobayu¬†ūü•Ę

There are also many ways to enjoy sobayu (broth from boiling soba noodles) too.

Sobayu from dried noodles is thick and creamy, so you can season it with Nitto’s Shojin Shirodashi or to pour them directly into the leftover sauce, but you can also make a dessert by adding agar, cook and chilled, then served with a syrup made by boiling down a little coconut sugar dissolved in water, and kinaco to finish.

Sobayu from nama soba (semi-dry) noodles is lighter, so it is recommended to add your favourite ingredients to make it into the soup. My favourite is to make an instant soup by adding slices of daikon radish, umeboshi and wakame. It goes perfectly with the flavour of soba noodles and is easy to make.

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