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Shimogawa Orimono

About Shimogawa Orimono 

Shimogawa Orimono is a weaving factory in Yame-city, Fukuoka. The factory maintains the traditional way of weaving the ikat and visitors are able to visit the studio of this interesting place. They are active for collaboration projects with foreign designers.

About the products

The textile is called "Kurume Kasuri”, also known as “ikat”. It originates from the area of Kurume, a city in Fukuoka prefecture, and is made using a traditional ikat-weaving-machine (which is a 100 years old!). Kurume Kasuri is the traditional textile from this region. The width of the material is quite narrow, because it is often used for kimono's. 

Ikat is made of 100% cotton, it is not too thick, but still strong. It is ideal for interior or clothing items, such as a shawl.

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