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Postcard - Daruma
Postcard - Daruma
Postcard - Daruma

Postcard - Daruma

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In Japan, various symbols represent good fortune and are used to celebrate the New Year. These symbols and decorations are used to usher in the New Year with positive energy and to invite good luck and happiness into homes and lives.

Daruma dolls are another significant symbol in Japanese culture, often associated with goal-setting, perseverance, and good luck. These traditional dolls are modeled after Bodhidharma, the founder of the Zen school of Buddhism, and are typically round-shaped with a weighted bottom, causing them to return to an upright position when tilted. This design is symbolic of resilience and the ability to overcome challenges.

Daruma dolls are commonly used for the "Daruma Kuyo" tradition, where individuals purchase a blank Daruma doll and make a wish or set a specific goal. They then color in one eye of the Daruma. Once the goal is achieved or the wish is fulfilled, the person fills in the other eye as an expression of gratitude. These dolls are often associated with the proverb "Nanakorobi yaoki," meaning "Fall down seven times, get up eight," emphasizing the importance of perseverance and determination.

During the New Year, it's common for people to buy a new Daruma doll, set new goals, and continue this tradition. The Daruma doll serves as a positive and motivational symbol, encouraging individuals to pursue their aspirations with determination and optimism.

Brand Kyoto Karasuma Rokuhichido

Size 100×148mm

Material Paper 100% (Card: Echizen Washi / Graphic parts: Awa Washi)

Handmade in Japan

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