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100% organic GENKI SOBA juwari nama-soba buckwheat noodles (salted)
100% organic GENKI SOBA juwari nama-soba buckwheat noodles (salted)
100% organic GENKI SOBA juwari nama-soba buckwheat noodles (salted)

100% organic GENKI SOBA juwari nama-soba buckwheat noodles (salted)

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    GENKI SOBA juwari nama-soba buckwheat noodles (salted)

    Just like the unsalted dry noodles, this is also a juwari soba made from 100% Hara Farm's organic buckwheat flour. The difference with the dry noodles is that they contain a little salt and the original texture of fresh soba can be enjoyed. These noodles are processed in Shimane Prefecture, famous for Izumo soba.

    It is almost impossible to obtain outside Japan, and even within Japan, fresh juwari Soba is only available at special soba noodle shops, so please take this opportunity to try it.

    *This noodle is fresh and not completely dry so they can be too soft. Please boil them gently, so you can enjoy them without cutting them during boiling.

    Brand Hara Farm
    Weight (NET) 200g
    Best-before Aug.29, 2022. Store at room temperature, avoiding high temperature and humidity.

    Ingredients 100% organic buckwheat

    , salt
    For more details, see the details of ingredients & nutritions

    GENKI SOBA, organic juwari soba noodle made of 100% buckwheat by Hara Farms

    The only raw material used is organic buckwheat flour. Hara Farm, which produces the buckwheat, does not use pesticides or chemical fertilisers and cultivates the soil by sowing a mixture of clover, aiming for environmentally friendly, recycling-oriented agriculture.

    The farm is located in the town of Shintoku in Hokkaido, a place with a rich natural environment where the Daisetsu Mountains and the Hidaka Mountains meet. In such a location, Hara harvests and dries buckwheat all by himself, and produces 'GENKI SOBA', processed from his buckwheat seeds.


    原氣蕎麦 十割生そば (有塩)




    生産者 Hara Farm
    重量(NET) 200g
     100% 有機そば粉、塩
    栄養成分表示はこちらをご覧ください(英語)。details of ingredients & nutritions




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