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Postcard - Sushi - Sea Bream (Tai)
Postcard - Sushi - Sea Bream (Tai)
Postcard - Sushi - Sea Bream (Tai)

Postcard - Sushi - Sea Bream (Tai)

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In Japan, the red snapper (tai) in sushi holds a symbolic and auspicious meaning. This association comes from the similarity in sound between "tai" and the Japanese expression "daikichi," which means "great luck" or "good fortune." As a result, red snapper is considered a propitious ingredient and is often used in celebratory contexts such as festive occasions, seasonal celebrations, and New Year's festivities.

Red snapper sushi, known as "tai-zushi," is particularly consumed during celebratory events. This cultural tradition reflects the belief that certain foods, like red snapper, can symbolize good luck and bring blessings during joyous occasions in Japan.


Size 100×148mm


Paper 100% (Card: Echizen Washi / Graphic parts: Yatsuo Washi, Awa Washi)

Handmade in Japan

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