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Postcard - Tamba black edamame (Kuromame)
Postcard - Tamba black edamame (Kuromame)
Postcard - Tamba black edamame (Kuromame)

Postcard - Tamba black edamame (Kuromame)

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Kuromame, which refers to sweet black soybeans, is considered a festive food in Japan. The word "kuromame" literally translates to "black beans," and these beans are often prepared in a sweet syrup, creating a flavorful and slightly sweet dish.

Kuromame is commonly associated with the New Year's celebration in Japan and is a traditional component of the osechi-ryori, a special assortment of dishes prepared for the New Year. The dark color of the beans is believed to symbolize a wish for health, hard work, and the continuity of the family line. Additionally, the round shape of the beans represents harmony and unity.

During the New Year's festivities, families may prepare kuromame as part of their osechi-ryori to bring good fortune and positive symbolism to the beginning of the year. The inclusion of kuromame in these special dishes reflects the cultural significance of certain foods in Japanese celebrations.


Size 100×148mm

Material Paper 100% (Card: Echizen Washi / Graphic parts: Awa Washi)

Handmade in Japan

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