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UCHIWA Japanese Fan - Morning glories

UCHIWA Japanese Fan - Morning glories

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In the early morning of summer, morning glories bloom in vibrant colors of blue, purple, and pink. A popular horticultural species since the Edo period, the morning glory has become a symbol of summer. The morning glory market held annually in various places has become a summer tradition. Keeping an observation diary of morning glories is also a classic summer homework assignment for elementary school students.

This uchiwa fan is crafted using the 'Sashie' technique, where the handle is inserted into the 'uchiwa' face that creates a refreshing breeze. It features colorful decoupage depicting scenes of Japan on Washi paper. Perfect as a companion for summer festivals or as a decorative item.


Size 310×187mm

Material Paper (Mino Washi, Awa Washi), Bamboo

Handmade in Japan

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