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Brand "soil" made using plasterer technology and materials (diatomaceous earth). It has excellent moisture retention and water absorption, and it retains the characteristics of soil that is attracting attention as a breathing material and features a natural and comfortable design that concentrates the blessings of nature. It can be used safely by people with sensitive skin and is highly recyclable. Soil is a product that creates a future that is friendly to people and the environment.



It is a technique that uses a trowel to coat walls and floors with soil or cement. Its origin is old, and it is said to have been given the title by the Emperor, Kose Hatao, who created a wall in the outer wall of the Imperial Palace in the first year of Dahua (645). From the Azuchi-Momoyama era to the Edo era, it developed into a full-scale painting finish such as clay walls and plaster, and the techniques cultivated in history and tradition have been inherited. In recent years, the problem of sick houses has come to the fore, and it has been highlighted as a technology for creating ecological spaces.

Diatomaceous earth

The phytoplankton that lived in the sea and lakes are collected from the stratum formed as sediment. It has a porous structure and has innumerable microscopic holes (10 -6 m) in the interior, so it has excellent water absorption and moisture retention and also has excellent deodorant and humidity control properties. It is also characterized by having various colors depending on the climate of each region.

High plastering technology that supports soil

Isurugi was a plasterer in Toyama since the Edo period and was founded in Kanazawa in 1917 by the fourth generation Ishido Hanchi. Since entering the Showa era, he has participated in large national projects such as Osaka Expo and has produced many craftsmen who receive the "Excellence Skills Award" from the country. Since Heisei, he has been involved in projects such as the reconstruction of the national treasure Zuiryuji Temple (Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture), the "Great Restoration of the Heisei" of the Osaka castle tower, and the reconstruction work of Kanazawa Castle, and Universal Studios Japan and Osaka Dome. Kyoto Station Building and other modern construction projects are also provided with high technology. In addition, in recent years, since 2004, the Art Division has been established, and we are expanding the field of activity into the field of design including soil.

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