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SUKIMONO is a manufacturing and kotozukuri company based in Gotsu, a rural town between the sea and the mountains in Shimane prefecture. SUKIMONO cultivates the region through three industry pillars: construction, manufacturing, and accommodation.

A twelve-hour drive from Tokyo, Shimane possesses unique resources, materials, and a creative environment not found in any city. Ample space combines with natural resources like fresh soil, wood, and large plots of land to create new opportunities.

The Sukimono team has roots in the world of fashion, carpentry and furniture craftsmanship, and travel and accommodation. We combine those resources with the unique backgrounds of its members to build a lifestyle full of warmth and refined tastes to make life more enjoyable — naturally.

*Kotozukuri is the Japanese term for creating innovative products through the power of stories.

Sukimono makes products for everyday life embodying Japan’s well-known aesthetic tradition. We believe in a way of life that deepens sensibilities. We seek out the fun and joy of the every day with a focus on the big picture over function and rationality. We value spaces where particular tastes have emerged gradually over the years. Our Japanese tools are made with natural, well-worn materials to enhance living joyously together. It’s those local materials that SUKIMONO's creators met and fell in love with in Gotsu — the place we call home.

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