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MONO MONTHLY How it works & FAQ





STEP 1.  Pre-order online - each month, limited duration

From January 2021 in a limited time period every month, you will see the collection of our featured Japanese maker in our webshop. If you find something that you want to purchase, press the ORDER button. You will need to pay the amount mentioned on the checkout page. The price includes all import costs from Japan. When you checkout the shopping cart, the shipping cost from MONO JAPAN (Netherlands) to your address will appear. The payment confirms that you have made the pre-order for your desired item.
Don't forget to read through the terms & conditions before your purchase!

STEP 2.  Your pre-orders are sent to the featured Japanese Maker 

MONO JAPAN sends all the pre-ordered items from the MONO MONTHLY event.  In Japan, they will start their production of the items.

STEP 3.  Shipment of all items to MONO JAPAN (NL)

Japanese makers will send all the items to MONO JAPAN in the Netherlands. MONO JAPAN will send emails to all customers of the expected arrival. If there are any delays or changes in delivery, we will notify you directly.

STEP 4.  Delivery to you!

MONO JAPAN will carefully make the shipping to you. You will receive your special pre-order item, which is a unique item in Europe!



Q. Do I need to pay the custom fees, when I receive the package of the item?

A.  No, you do not need to pay the custom fee.
Normally in the EU, there is a charge of the custom and the import VAT for the packages, which come from outside of the EU. At MONO MONTHLY an online pre-order event, MONO JAPAN will first receive all the items from Japan, and we pay the charges. Your ordered items are shipped from the Netherlands to all the customers. Therefore, there are no import duties and VAT.

Q. I’m living outside of the EU. Do I need to pay something extra?

A. We are located in the Netherlands and are not responsible for customs and brokerage fees on international orders from non EU countries. So, yes, you may be required to pay customs and brokerage fees, import duties and VAT by your local carrier.

Q. I’m planning to go to Japan in 2022. Can I buy these items in Japan as well?

A. Most items are made only from pre-orders, orders received in advance during the pre-order period. Their items are sold in selected shops in Japan, and the number of items in each shop is limited. Therefore, it will be difficult to find the item you want, even in Japan.

Q. Why do they need such a long time before delivery?

A. For fashion items, the textile industry works that way, many apparel companies develop the new collections a half year before the season, then they introduce the new collection at fashion fairs and fashion weeks. These events are to receive orders from the shop buyers. After receiving the orders, the apparel companies produce the real items and deliver them a few months later.

With MONO MONTHLY, we made it possible for us (normal customers) to order the newest items online. The delivery time, therefore, works the same as the explanation above.

Q. Can I cancel the order after payment?

A. You can cancel within a week after the payment.

Q. Can I return the item and get the refund?

A. We only offer refunds up to 7 days after delivery of order. We will refund the amount of the item, only if the condition of the item is in the original state and is as good as new. We can’t accept the refund if the item has been worn.
The refund will be arranged after MONO SHOP receives the returned item. We are unable to refund or exchange orders if a customer changes their mind, or for any other personal or subjective reasons.

Q. What are the payment options?

A. Please check this page for payment options.

Q. Can I see the product in a store?

A. Unfortunately, there is no physical store. If you have any questions, please contact us at

Q. I bought a food product at MONO MONTHLY event, but I'd like to return it. Can I get a refund?

A. Unfortunately, we do not accept returns if it's a food product. But you can ask a refund, in case of damage. In that case, please send us the photo of the damaged product to and we'll come back to you.

Q. Will there be the products of MONO MONTHLY sold at the MONO SHOP after the pre-order event? 

A. At MONO SHOP, we also offer authentic products that are featured during MONO MONTHLY online pre-order event. The items are selected carefully and we only have limited number of these items available. Please note that there is no restock of products featured at MONO MONTHLY event.

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