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Recipes with Viamver Citrus Hot Sauce from Malica Ferments


Only 4 days left until our pre-order ends. There's so much more to tell you about Yamamo, but let me introduce you to Viamver® Citrus Hot Sauce from the ASTRONOMICA® label today.

The pimento red and a refreshing aroma wakes you up the moment you open it. Made with Akita chilli, lemon peel, salt, celery, persimmon juice, rice koji and Viamver® yeast to create the umami flavour. Just by looking at the ingredients, you can tell that this is no ordinary yuzu kosho. It is a fermented condiment with a spicy and citrusy flavour, tannin astringency, succinic acid umami and western dashi. A chef says it works with béchamel sauce, shallot soup and creamy dishes.

Today I served it with stamppot, a traditional Dutch dish. Boil the potatoes, mash them with a little oat milk and season them with Viamver® vegetable salt (or plain salt).

Finely chop the kale and red onion, sprinkle with a little salt, fry in oil and cook the sausages next to them. You could serve them all mixed together, but today I’ve served them as they are, so that a guest can do his own blending. The texture and colour of the hot sauce, together with the spiciness that dissipates nicely, make this country dish even more elegant.

As this hot sauce contains persimmon tannin, I simply thought it would work with persimmons too. A marinated persimmons and daikon was a winner! Just sliced daikon and persimmon, seasoned with plain Viamver® salt and dressed with a little oil and this hot sauce. The sweetness of the persimmons is enhanced and the result is an elegant, fresh and spicy kind of namasu. I dressed it with shungiku leaves from my garden, but you can use other bitter green leafy vegetables such as rucola. Today I’m serving it in a bowl that I bought at Yamamo two years ago. Mmmm. Beautiful.

In a test kitchen, my eyes are shining brightly today. It's not that it's spicy and makes me cry, but it makes my eyes shine. It's a strange hot sauce.  

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