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Embroidery patch ''Common Goldfish''

Embroidery patch ''Common Goldfish''

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These are the early ancestors of many other goldfish. The crucian carps in the rivers of China were used to breed these goldfish.

These fish are a yellowish and orange color rather than red as crucian carps lost the black pigment needed turn to red, which is not unusual. Designated as a Japanese natural treasure, they live in Lake Harutori, Kushiro city in Hokkaido.


Size 1.5cmx3.5cm
Material Embroidery thread: 100% Rayon, Glue Sheet: 100% Nylon
Made in Kyoto, Japan


The patches can be ironed on cotton and polyester materials. Use a damp cloth under the iron when ironing, and be extra careful if you are ironing on heat-sensitive materials. Machine-stitching is recommended to enhance strength. 

Commercial use of this product is strictly prohibited.