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raw silk hunting
raw silk hunting
raw silk hunting
raw silk hunting
raw silk hunting
raw silk hunting

raw silk hunting

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Raw silk hunting hat is made with 100% silk, which you may not recognise at a glance because of its natural and rustic look.

The most important characteristic of this raw silk is that the silkworms in the cocoons are not killed during the production process. Only the cocoons that the silkworms have broken and shed as adult worms is being used.

Since this raw silk is made by spinning short and broken fibres, it does not have a continuous thread like the normal silk thread. This results in a less, smooth luster compared to normal silk but has a unique texture with balls and knots instead.

Also, the raw silk is not dyed. In this way, it is considered an 'ethical' material that is also environmentally friendly.

The raw silk hunting hat is highly breathable, which makes it cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Brand mature ha.

raw silk 100% (please read the description above regarding raw silk)
organic cotton 100% (inside)

Size 57.5cm

Weight 120g

Made in Kobe, Japan

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